If you are on this website, you have probably been guided here for a reason.

A reading reveals answers, provides guidance and brings clarity to your questions in a gentle and supportive way. If you are feeling confused, lost and needing clarity or guidance, a reading can help you.

I use my intuitive abilities combined with a variety of oracle card and tarot decks, which I intuitively select for you at the beginning of a reading, in order to provide guidance and messages from your guides of the light. It is always my intention at the beginning of your reading, that you receive hope and peace of mind at the end of your reading.

You might like to ask questions about romance, career or finance, a choice between two options, or you could ask for a general reading “what do I need to know?”

Readings are offered either in private consultation, or via email. To receive a reading, please email your request/questions to .

If you prefer the email option, the interpretation of the spread as well as an image of the spread will be sent to you via email. Expect your detailed reading via email 1 – 5 days after payment is reflected in my bank account.

R600 for private consultation (about an hour long)
R250 or £16 or $20 (Basic Email Reading, answering 1 question)
R1000 or £53 or $65 (Very Detailed Email Reading, including max 5 questions, along with additional messages you need to receive)

Detailed readings provide a detailed perspective on important events that you need to aware of. Messages are provided about the different areas that you need to be aware of eg. love/romance, career/finances, soul purpose etc. These readings help you embrace changes or challenges, and stay focussed in order to live your life with wisdom and joy.