With the Intuitive Energy Healing sessions, I am able to balance the energetic body by combining Reiki, chakra clearing and balancing, meridian therapy, cord cutting, matrix and quantum healing, and intuitive guidance messages… guided by what you personally need at the time.

Our energy and physical bodies are so linked, that often by balancing the energy body, one feels relief in physical symptoms as well. Even having a balance as maintenance has profound effects, like recharging a battery.

Distant Intuitive Energy Healing sessions are also offered. Universal life force energy is not bound by our physical restraints of space and time, and can be sent anywhere in the world. These are very popular for international clients, and for those who cannot physically visit the venue for various reasons, like pain or illness. It is best for me to do the treatment when you are resting or sleeping. I will send you a detailed explanation/report after your healing session, explaining what I intuitively picked up and balanced in your session. This will be sent via email.